Humor Us! Sketch Comedy
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Interested? Fall 2019 Auditions are Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday September 19th from 4:30-6:30pm in 253 Malott Hall!

What is the audition process like?

Excruciating! Excruciatingly fun, that is. The audition process consists of two rounds. During the first round, you will read several old sketches. Those who get a call back will be asked to bring a copy of a fully written, original sketch. They will perform one last read-through of a Humor Us! sketch after which we will meet with everyone one-on-one and read their original sketch with them. It's all very low-stress.

How many people get in each year?

We never go in with a set number! The number of people we accept into the group depends on various factors: things like who we feel deserves a spot in the group and how many people graduated the semester before. The people that wow us earn a spot in the group. Simple! 

What experience is necessary?

None! We're looking for creative people with enthusiasm for comedy. If you're a big fan of SNL or Key&Peele, John Mullaney or Amy Schumer, or whoever else makes you laugh, we'd love to share that passion with you. It doesn't matter if you want to focus on writing, or acting, or making videos. Stop by auditions, and we guarantee a fun time, free pizza, and new friendships.