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Jacob Freedland '19

Jacob is a Senior in AEM. He doesn’t like to learn. He likes publicity (god he loves publicity), but he doesn’t really feel like earning it. He’s from Westchester, NY, so his whole life he’s had everything handed to him. In his spare time he comes up with things to pretend to be upset about, because apparently having it made is a character flaw. He also enjoys being the President of Humor Us! where he cites his major strengths as delegation, administrative efficiency, and taking it on the chin.

Vice President

Vice President

Julia Shebek '19

Julia is a senior from California who spends 100% of her college time filling the void left by In-N-Out with Cornell ice cream. She wishes that she knew how to do mature things like yoga and veganism and walking without falling, but Julia has instead learned to enjoy her simple life of eating pork chops while motionless on the floor. She is double-majoring in English and PMA in the hopes of acquiring some talent and no marketable job skills. In the future, Julia plans to use this bio as a letter of recommendation for her job application to Arby's.

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Cam Hass ‘18

Honestly, Cam just thinks that Humor Us! should count their #blessings because him joining this group is a huge act of charity and should probably be 501(c)3 deductible. In his spare time he spends time honing his natural tan, sings In The Arms of the Angels (yes, he's better than Sarah), eats sunshine, and poops rainbows. He is looking for a semi consistent hookup buddy but you have to be at least a Cornell 8 because let's be honest, he's totally an 8.5.

Social Chair

Social Chair

Alex Fomenkov ‘19

Alex is the only noteworthy California member of Humor Us! He wears sunglasses, when it's night time, but in Europe. He is enrolled in Cornell's School of Hotel Administration and refuses to accept that it is a part of the "College of Business," though he does hope that the College of Business Branding Initiative will land him some cool free stuff. Alex enjoys long walks on the beach, wearing flip flops, saying "hella," talking about the interstate freeway system, and pretty much everything else he can't have/do when he's at Cornell. He swears he's not bitter about it but we have our doubts.



David Gelikman ‘20

David is a junior Biology major from South Florida. He's currently a pre-med until he takes the MCAT and becomes a  dentist instead. Even though he's from Florida he has only actually been to the beach once, hence his pale complexion. This is also actually the same picture he uses on his Tinder profile. Most notably, David returned from the summer with large biceps and abs.

Impeached Secretary

Impeached Secretary

Senna Phillips '20

When Senna isn't rejecting Zak's phone calls, she's a city and regional planning major. No, that's not in human ecology; it's in the architecture school. No, she is not an architect; she doesn't know your architect friend. She helps plan how land is used. You're giving her a weird look and she's talking a lot about urban sprawl and you're not sure why she cares about this at all, but don't worry she'll ask you what your major is so this doesn't get even more awkward. When she isn't busy doing that thing you don't understand, you can find her yelling. That's all. 

Social Media Czar

Social Media Czar

Zak Benedek '19

The resident godking of memery at humor us, Zak has a background in improv. He enjoys reading comic books, watching Nets basketball, skiing, and watching funny vids on the You Tube. He also chose this picture because it accentuates his baby face as much as possible.

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Tyler Lloyd ‘19

Tyler Lloyd is a pre-med biology student finally finishing up his last semester at Cornell and he’s from, yup, you guessed it, California. You can catch a very hungover Tyler giving tours around campus, showing perspective students a real insight into coping with all of the bullshit he doesn’t believe he’s talking about. Tyler might just be the nicest, most considerate asshole on this planet. When Tyler isn’t getting blacklisted by the PMA department or a literal 0 on his orgo final he’s a class act student and a freakin’ amazing actor.

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Izzy DiGiacomo ‘20

Izzy is a junior from NYC who wishes she could earn a spot in the Bad Girls Club™, but instead studies engineering at Cornell University. She fills the void by being in Humor Us and trying to build her comedy knowledge, but deep down inside nothing will be as funny to her as compilation videos of people falling off of motorcycles.

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Ben Lee ‘20

Ben Lee is a junior majoring in Government and Theatre. Yeah, he knows it’s an “interesting combination.” He is from Palo Alto, California. Against the advice of many trusted friends that Cornell would be a cold, depressing, desolate college in the middle of nowhere, Upstate New York, he still decided to attend. Upon arriving at campus, he regretted his decision with the force of a thousand suns. Ben then joined Humor Us! as a cry for help. By writing and performing comedy sketches, he is somewhat able to placate the demons clawing at the cage that is his soul. In his spare time he enjoys fly-fishing, fish-flying, and frying fish.



Olia Javidi ‘21

Olia Javidi is super f*cking rich. That's because she comes from long line of Saudi oil princes. One of those princes is her uncle who is also her husband. They are happily married. Just kidding. Olia was born and raised in San Diego, California, and is currently not married, but is looking for a husband (lmao hmu thru the humor us! email). You said "Cali" and one of Olia's unborn children died (maybe we can have kids one day). You can find Olia crying in the engineering quad, in a hammock taking a post-cry nap, or crying at a frat party. Olia misses her home and her family, but most of all, tacos.

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Yunyun Wang ‘21

Yunyun hails from the lost colony of Roanoke, Virginia and is likely the most woke person you’ll ever meet from below the Mason-Dixon line. When she’s not sipping chai at Zeus or ghosting her project team, she prefers to continuously give her parents anxiety by only aggressively pursuing things adding no relative importance to her resume. She also likes Jimmy Fallon–a lot. Maybe a little too much.

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Chase Juszczak ‘21

Chase is one of HU’s newest members! AEM didn’t want him, but luckily for Chase, Humor us was more than willing to take him off of their hands! Nothing like a liberal environmental science major from Houston, Texas! Chase can frequently be seen around campus sleepwalking in his sweatpants and plethora of NASA apparel. PSA: Don’t give him too many liquids, he has been known to pee his pants.

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Katherine Gray ‘21

Katherine is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering from London, England. Her only redeeming quality is her relatively British accent which for some reason Americans are obsessed with. Her hobbies include being British, talking about being British, and reconsidering her decision to go to an American university. She joined Humour Us only because she can’t stand the spelling and wants it changed. Immediately. Or she’s quitting. Or murdering all of you.



Emily Augustyniak ‘22

Emily is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. She's actually 12- years- old and skipped 6 grades to be here today. Because she is so young, she is not emotionally ready for the #collegelife. Physically--- well, that's not ready either. She is studying Computer Science and Film, because she somehow wants to weasel her way into "the industry" by being edgy and different, but also, her dad wanted her to have a good fall-back option when nothing works out! Emily is from Buffalo, NY, and she BuffaLOVES it! AHAHHA!  You can usually catch Emily eating mac-n-cheese, Cheez-its, Cheetos, cheese, cheese pierogi, cheese quesadilla, grilled cheese, cheese pizza, cheese balls, cream cheese, cheese cake, cottage cheese, or french toast--- with no cheese. Ew. Don't be gross. She also wants you to know that she hates potatoes and is 5 feet tall.


Sara Mills ‘22

Sara is apparently way too mf cool to send a bio. She’s in an a capella group and likes them a lot more than she likes us. FUCK a capella.