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Katherine Gray ‘21

Katherine is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering from London, England. Her only redeeming quality is her relatively British accent which for some reason Americans are obsessed with. Her hobbies include being British, talking about being British, and reconsidering her decision to go to an American university. She joined Humour Us only because she can’t stand the spelling and wants it changed. Immediately. Or she’s quitting. Or murdering all of you.

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Emily Augustyniak ‘22

Emily is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. She's actually 12- years- old and skipped 6 grades to be here today. Because she is so young, she is not emotionally ready for the #collegelife. Physically--- well, that's not ready either. She is studying Computer Science and Film, because she somehow wants to weasel her way into "the industry" by being edgy and different, but also, her dad wanted her to have a good fall-back option when nothing works out! Emily is from Buffalo, NY, and she BuffaLOVES it! AHAHHA!  You can usually catch Emily eating mac-n-cheese, Cheez-its, Cheetos, cheese, cheese pierogi, cheese quesadilla, grilled cheese, cheese pizza, cheese balls, cream cheese, cheese cake, cottage cheese, or french toast--- with no cheese. Ew. Don't be gross. She also wants you to know that she hates potatoes and is 5 feet tall.


Sara Mills ‘22

Sara is apparently way too mf cool to send a bio. She’s in an a capella group and likes them a lot more than she likes us. FUCK a capella.